We seek to reach

our heroes for Christ before they are sent into harm's way!


Our young men and women in the Armed Forces are called upon to secure the peace and stability of the United States and its allies.   Given the challenges our world is facing today, a future deployment to a combat zone is a strong possibility for much of our military.

The Lord has called me to help in the equipping of the American Soldier, spiritually, by proclaiming Jesus Christ, the hope for the hopeless through faith in His blood cleansing work on the Cross, and in His death, burial, and resurrection. 

We seek to begin the discipling of these young heroes

IN CHRIST, and to give them Bibles to help them in their Christian walk before they leave our studies.


Because this is a training environment, there is a high turnover rate as Soldiers are always coming and going.  With this in mind, many young Soldiers have responded to the Gospel.

To God be all the Glory!!


We need partners in Christ to team up with us in the FIGHT FOR SOULS at Ft Benning!

Daniel Kursinsky