I preach and teach out of the KJV.

We DO NOT support Ruckmanite doctrines or beliefs.


We believe that the Godhead eternally exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and that these three are one God, having precisely the same nature, attributes and perfections.


We believe in:

1)    His pre-incarnate existence as the eternal Son of God

2)    His incarnation

3)    His virgin birth

4)    His death upon the cross as the substitutionary atonement for sin

5)    His literal, bodily resurrection from the dead

6)    His bodily ascension into heaven

7)    His present ministry of intercession in Heaven

8)    His personal, premillennial, pretribulational return to earth.


We believe that:

1)    He is the third person of the Godhead

2)    He convicts man of sin

3)    He is the supernatural Agent in regeneration

4)    He indwells and seals all believers, and sets apart yielded believers unto a holy life

5)    He keeps and empowers believers daily

6)    He is the Divine Teacher of the Word of God and Guide for the believer's daily life


1) Because of the curse to Adam and Eve, it was extended to all mankind. We are born sinners under the curse.

2) God is a just and holy God and there is a price that must be paid for our sins that we could never pay.

3) Jesus came to pay that price for us and have fellowship with us forever.

4) We must believe in the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

5) We must receive Him through a sincere prayer to God in heaven.


We believe:

1)    The Christian life is a growth process in the grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ

2)    The joyous Christian life is always a life of faith. By faith the believer must yield to the will of God and acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord of his life

3)    Fellowship with God, power and a fruitful Christian life are accomplished only as the believer is filled with the Spirit and walks in the Spirit, Who enables him to obey the will of God for his life

4)    God cannot overlook sin in His children, but He will chasten and correct them in love

5)    The fruitful Christian life will express itself by maintaining a devotional life, by studying the Word of God, prayer, and by seeking the salvation of the lost through verses of Scripture.


We believe:

1)    In the personal premillennial pretribulational return of Jesus Christ

2)    At that time, He will come for His saints to gather unto Himself and seven years later He will come with His saints to judge the nations and to establish His Messianic Kingdom on earth

3)    That the just will be bodily resurrected and consciously enjoy the presence of Jesus Christ forever

4)    That one thousand years later, the lost will be bodily resurrected and consciously suffer everlasting punishment in the Lake of Fire


We believe that:

1)    Satan is a created personal being

2)    He is the author of sin and the arch-enemy of God

3)    He continually seeks to hinder the work of God

4)    His final destination is the Lake of Fire where he will be in eternal torment


Because all men everywhere who are without Christ are lost and destined for eternal punishment in the Lake of Fire, and because men cannot believe in Him of Whom they have never heard, we believe that:

1)    We are debtors to all men and have the responsibility of giving them the Gospel

2)    Jesus Christ left us the command to take the Gospel to every place where men are found